Jay S. Weiner is a Senior Marketing and Sales Professional

Posted by Admin / May 24th, 2012

Jay S. Weiner is a senior marketing and sales professional who, for over thirty years, has learned to fund and, then to run, professional, financial, and mortgage organizations that operate in various areas and in certain niches. Thirty years of experience in any industry, field, or market will result in that individual becoming a certified expert in that field. Jay S. Weiner is the expert in the financial and mortgage industries. Today, Jay S. Weiner’s most important goal is to leverage his experience into an opportunity to help build a financial company of some sort. Or, barring that, to become an integral leader in another business.

Jay S. Weiner is the Undisputed Expert

Posted by Admin / April 21st, 2012

Jay S. Weiner has in excess of thirty years worth of experience. What this means is that he’s always been well qualified to understand and succeed in the marketing and sales industries. The last three decades are a source of strength and knowledge for Jay S. Weiner. He has worked three decades in those relevant industry. The work has never grown to bore him, though, even after thirty years of work. When it comes to funding and running mortgage, financial, and professional organizations, Jay S. Weiner is the undisputed expert. Weiner owned and was President of a business before and he actually considers this to be his strength in the business world. It is, people want to know that there finances are in good shape. Jay S. Weiner want to have his skills recognized and to leverage his experience and knowledge into a unique and exciting opportunity to create a new business or organization, or to become a high level employee in an exciting new venture in marketing, sales, or finances..

James S. Weiner was able to attain a first-class education, but everyone is not so lucky as to receive a top class education. This is why Jay S. Weiner tries as much as is possible to give back to the community. He attributes much of his success to having received a solid educational background.

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